RISE Meeting

On April 15, 2019, the branch hosted motivational speaker Chanda McGuffin of Waynesboro, co-founder of the organization RISE, to lead a non-confrontational event, free and open to all, to learn better ways to interact and to understand why what is acceptable in one culture may be offensive in another.  The goal was open, honest engagement to deal with racism without acrimony and with respect for all. “We’ve swept so much under the rug for so many years,” McGuffin said. “We need to have this conversation about the elephant in the room, and this is a safe space to do it.” She divided the crowd into 5 groups, each with an elephant of a question to discuss:  the Confederate flag, mass incarceration, racism/white privilege, equity vs. equality, and bridging the gap. The only problem was that so many people in the community attended that it was difficult to get all voices heard in the time frame allotted!