SOUL FOOD DINNER April 2019 From the 5 pounds of starch and jug of molasses doled out by the slave owner every week, through sharecropping with its pressure to turn even the garden space into market crops, to the Great Migration north that introduced Italian, Chinese, and other flavors, and finally to the Sunday family dinners of today with their special occasion foods, Soul Food has a soulful history.  Guest speaker Dr. Amy Tillerson-Brown brought that history to life in her fascinating talk, written especially for this occasion. Also featured were a silent auction, drumming and story-telling by Dr. Mwizenge Timbo that drew children in close, and a reading by Monica Robinson of the poem “Soul Food” by O. S. Brooks with its many poignant lines, such as “Grandma …Wise in every sense of the word/could create magic/she’d stir that pot full of nothing/and feed one hundred starving listeners/around an old shaky table.” This was not only a meal but an event that embraced inclusion, encouraged companionship, and taught history.

Dr. Amy Tillerson-Brown
Professor of History at Mary Baldwin College
Dr. Mwizenge Timbo
Professor of Sociology at Bridgewater College